Automatic Irrigation System for Garden


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Product Description:

Rated voltage: 6V

Timing valve size: 80*73*138mm

Battery model: 4-AAA (No. 7) 1.5V alkaline battery (battery not included in the purchase)

Material: ABS

Protection level: IPX5

Water pressure range: 0.05-0.8Mpa

Working temperature range: 1-50℃

Water inlet thread: G3/4-14, NH3/4-11.5

Outlet thread: G3/4-14, NH3/4-11.5



30m Smart Timing Suit

Package Details:

1*Intelligent timing controller

1*Y type connector

2*Quick Connector*2pcs

1*30m pipe


4*Double barbs

15*Flat mouth tee

15* orange atomizing nozzle

15*Single Barb

20*red dripper

35* pipe fixing rod




6 independent programs, rain sensor, water inlet filter, automatic sleep, power feed reminder, dual manual mode, long standby, child lock, clock function, IPX5 waterproof, full-angle display;


1. If no button operation is performed within 1 minute, the screen will automatically turn off and the product will enter the sleep state. Press any key to light up the screen again. The system automatically turns on the child lock to prevent accidental touch and even modification of the program.

2. Manual operations and program settings must be performed in the unlocked state.

3. When the battery indicator on the LCD screen flashes, the irrigator will automatically shut down soon, please replace with new batteries in time.

4. You can set 6 groups of independent control programs according to your needs.

5. The rain sensor helps prevent overwatering. When this function is turned on, when the rain sensor detects surface water, it will not perform watering. (This feature can be turned off or enabled)

6. Provide two manual watering modes, 1. You can directly open or close the water valve. 2. It can be set to stop the water valve after working for a period of time.


Widely applicable: used for vegetable garden, lawn atomization, atomization cooling, dust removal, garden humidification.

Timer Type

Ac Pro


Garden Water Timers




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